Student Spaces: Babs

Not enough is made of rooms; they do after all provide the setting for our lives to unfold, and this is especially the case for one’s bedroom where we inevitably spend most of our time. Bedrooms are an extremely intimate space, being the only place where, since we graduated from the crib, we have been able to call completely our own and shape it how we like. They are molded by our experiences, passions and tastes, and have held a constant fascination for us Culture Vultures.
University provides the opportunity for students to completely recreate their personal bubble, and while that first confrontation of a sparse, blank canvas is intimidating, many have become creative in how to make their student rooms more homely. Through this series we intend to pay homage to some of our favorites that we come across.
Now seeing as exposing your bedroom is pretty much on par with baring your soul, it’s only fair to start with our own, and today we are looking at Babs’s…
Because my room can get quite dark during the daytime I decided to put fairy lights up as they they bring a warmer glow to the room than other artificial lighting.”
“I have a bit of an OCD about colour coding, this applies to wardrobe, books, shoes… its one of my biggest procrastinations in life”
This is my favourite photo of the room, the bed looks a lot more impressive than it does in real life!”
Babs & Revs

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