Come Dine With Us


Dinner parties at the Penthouse are always an evening of fun and fancy free, where the wine flows (as much as it can within a student budget), cakes are demolished and stimulating conversation topics nattered about. The other evening we were lucky enough to be joined by our nearest and dearest, where talk ranged from Derrida’s politics of sexual difference to Ryan Goslings’ buff bod.


The Main course for the evening was beef burgers topped with a poached egg and sprinkled cheddar cheese, accompanied by sweet potato wedges drizzled in a spicy honey glaze, offset by a truly astounding avocado and bacon salad (provided by the lovely Imogen).


For dessert we were lucky enough to be treated to the delicious combo of sumptuous Red Velvet Cake and tangy Red Berry Cheesecake; kindly provided by the domestic goddesses Kath and Milly!


The burgers and wedges are home classics and while these are not Kath and Milly’s exact recipes, they are similar ones to try.

Beef Burgers: 600g minced meat (100g per person), 1 chopped onion lightly fried, 1 raw egg and 2 slices of bread (in the form of breadcrumbs). Combine all ingredients in a big bowl, roughly divide into six large pates. Lightly fry the burgers on each side until turning brown, then cook in a hot oven with cooking time depending on how you like your meat!
Sweet Potato Wedges: Roughly chop the sweet potatoes into large wedge shapes and cook in boiling salty water for 10mins (or until soft around the edge). Drain and add to roasting tray, then season with olive oil, honey, garlic, chilli and anything else (we used what we had in the cupboard but you could also add paprika, thyme, cinnamon, maple syrup etc). Then roast for around 20 mins, or until cooked through and crispy.
Red Velvet Cake: BBC Food
Red Berry Cheesecake: Waitrose


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