Bigging up Bristol

Over 21 years ago, in the maternity unit up on St Michael’s Hill,  my parentals proudly welcomed a Babs sized bundle of joy into the world. Although it has been years since I have lived in Bristol, I get a distinct feeling of comfort when the train pulls round the corner and the Downs and Suspension Bridge come into view.
 While I have always been a Clifton girl, my Italian friend Fran is a music student at the uni, and inhabits a far more urban and a whole lot cooler sub-section of the city. He lives in a lovely seven-bed student house in Redland, and here are a few photos of when I went to visit him the other evening, mainly centred around Stokes Croft…
(They have decorated their house amazingly, the perfect balance between artiness, messiness and cosiness that only students can really achieve!)ImageImageImageImageImageImage
Stoke’s Croft is famous in Bristol not only as an eclectic neighbourhood due to the street art, but also the high proportion of local shops; in 2011 a ‘Tesco Expresss’ was opened in the area and since then it has evoked high levels of controversy amongst locals. Protests have included urinating and throwing paint at the shop front and during some riots the store was so badly damaged it had to be closed down for refurbishment.ImageImageImageImageImageImage
So hopefully I will have time to go back to Bristol soon, and maybe next time I will centre my focus around Clifton, and then we can do a photo comparison of the two geographically close yet socially contrasting neighbourhoods. Bet you can’t wait for that!

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