Earl Grey Cupcakes

Ok yes I do realise that the majority of my posts recently have been food-based, but surely for the family out there reading this should be a reassurance. No I am not starving, or surviving solely off noodles, and no I do not spend every second out of lectures drinking or sleeping. The “UNAY&no-parents” mantra is yet to kick in, right now I am more concerned with food.
As it was a very special friends birthday the other day, and whilst looking for any excuse to take the day off to bake, I did some research and decided to make Earl Grey Cupcakes (Milly is a big tea lover and they looked so pretty!)
I got the idea from a fantastic food blog {dailyunadventuresincooking}, and was initially attracted to them because of how they looked, although I am starting to realise that any food photographed well looks good. But these little cuties are very rewarding to make as the flavour is amazing (even non-tea fans seemed to love them) and they look like they require more effort than they really do!


Here is a link to the recipe if you want to give it a go, I used this one however when doing research also came across a lauraashley-hummingbirdbakery collaboration which also looked great.
 All I can say is Nigella, eat your heart out!

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