Student Spaces: Mr Hughes

This week Culture Vultures were lucky enough to catch up with political mastermind and token-welsh-man Jono Hughes for a tour of his stylish yet refined room. Jono is a bit of a BNOC [Big Name on Campus] in Exeter as a key member of the politics society, and more generally for being quite a funny guy (Yes! I can feel his head swelling as I write this). Whilst he is Welsh he is lucky enough to be dating a gorgeous Italian, she lives in Rome but comes from Tuscany, which scores extra points in my book; so for our readers across the pond [which realistically may only be my parents] you should notice the Italian influence shining through.
One of the main reasons I love Jono’s room is that it is colourful and welcoming without feeling cluttered, the space isn’t huge but I think he does a lot with it; although it does help that he is obsessively tidy (he reassured us that his room always looks this methodical).
Studies: History and Politics (can’t you tell from the books!)
Design ethos: a lot of plaid and red but has to be tidy, would mess with my head otherwise.ImageImage
First thing to save in a fire: my watchImage
Favourite wardrobe item: brown brogues with red lacesImage
And most importantly (and potentially the hardest question to answer originally), how do you like your eggs in the morning: sorry to be classic, but definitely scrambled!



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