Cheating on Fashion with Furniture

So for some reason recently I have become a bit obsessed with buying items for my room and, being mainly from charity and vintage shops, I am justifying these decoration purchases as ‘investments’.
Personally, I feel buying items for your room seems so much more sensible and grown up than buying clothes: firstly because you will never grow out of a cushion cover, and secondly because something you love now is unlikely to go out of fashion. Tasteful interiors are timeless, whereas fashion is so fickle that what you love today will be old by tomorrow. So here are a few of my purchases, some complete as they are and some that hold big changes and prospects for the future…
These tennis rackets were a spontaneous purchase, but how could I say no to them?
Here are a few ideas of how to use them…
This stool was a charity shop purchase and I felt that although some sprucing is in order (hoping for some help on this one from a more-able friend) I think it would be really cute to put books on or to sit at the end of a bed. I will keep you updated on any progress I make.
And finally the gorgeous antler cushion, from the same Exeter vintage shop as the tennis rackets ‘Relevant‘.
So while I do realise that I am buying for a home I currently don’t have, I can sleep soundly at night knowing then when I do enter the grown up world of property there will be no shortage of embellishments to make it feel complete.

(Tennis racket idea photo credits:,


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