Blast from the Past: Tennis

So last night, while I was dancing away at a vintage themed electro-swing night Revs turned to me and claimed “I was born in the wrong era…”, this small, seemingly harmless comment added her to a shameful group in my mind as at least a dozen people had already shared this confession earlier on in the evening. And to be honest it is starting to ware thin, sure I love a vintage clothes shop, the tangible result of a film camera and I’m a sucker for Motown music, but despite these I see myself as a purely modern girl. Although no techno-geek I would feel incomplete without my iPad or blackberry and I love the fast-paced fashion industry and the freedom and creativeness of current times.
Having said this however, there are a few things that I do agree were better in by-gone eras.
The real inspiration for this post is the fact that it is Sunday morning, I am still in bedslightly recovering from the night before watching the Australian Open, as darling Andy gets some awful orange paste and lots of tape placed on his humungous blister. And the whole affair really gets my blood pumping, mainly the tennis match and not Mr Murray’s battered feet. For many years Mamma B and I would spend most evenings in the pouring rain, with about 6 other hard-core fans for company, as Andy sweated, swore, shot and mainly lost at the Italian Open. So when working at Wimbledon last year I felt personally involved with the lovely Scot’s journey, and just couldn’t hold back the tears during that emotive speech.
But onto more post-specific topics, tennis is something that I think was a lot chicer in the past; now before you jump down my throat I DO NOT mean how the players play, there is no denying that Rafa, Rodge, Andy and Novak all play a technically amazing game. I am talking purely aesthetics, for as I look at the blue covered court, Murray and Djokovic in garishly technical black and yellow ensembles, my nostalgia is so strong that it could even apply to a few years ago when Murray was inevitably so much cooler on the court in Fred Perry.
However to persuade all you fellow ‘moderners’ out there that not only is tennis the most elegant sport on the planet (sorry darts, you can come a close second) but also that the outfits and rackets pre-technology were simple sartorial bliss here are a few photos…
And for all you serious sceptics out there, here are some more contemporary snaps of both players and spectators, which of course would not be complete without some of Tennis’s most glamorous faces and fans (K.Mid, Kim Sears and Maria S, I’m looking at you!)ImageImageImage

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