Easter Antics

Amongst the unapologetic gluttony of chocolatey goods, the rowdy battle over the board game and copious glugs of pinot noir to wash down the lamb roast, Easter is above all a time for Family. Whilst from this sentence you may have assumed that my family are a bunch of tee-totalling buffoons, you would be correct. But I love them anyway. This Easter for me went something along the lines of how it has done for the past nineteen years; if there is something my family does know how to do its tradition. So, as per, we all got merry around my nan’s dining table, gorged ourselves on more desserts than Delia can shake her wooden spoon at, and generally soaked up the nostalgia. It was sublime.
However there was some work behind the scenes to pull of such a grand event, and while the roast dinner, my nan’s classic gypsey tarts and my mum’s syrup sponge puddings undoubtedly stole the show, we did have these little fellas to enjoy with a cuppa afterwards. For my dad and I had spent the morning whipping up these passionfruit cheesecake chocolate eggs. I know, I can hear you all swooning; a delight for the tastebuds AND fulfilling the seasonally festive criteria. They naturally went down a treat, the passionfruit manages to give a bit of a tang to offset the sweetness, so they aren’t too sickening.
The yolk of yellowy goodness is butter melted with apricot jam and passion fruit juice:
Unfortunately I am not the genius behind this culinary masterpiece, I must begrudgingly give credit to Rasberri Cupcakes for the recipe, which you can find here.

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