Light from the Middle East

Last Thursday myself and Mamma Revs headed to the city of smoke for a touristy day in Town. After spending a day browsing silk scarves in Liberty’s, chowing down fish-finger sandwiches in a pub and trying to covertly dodge the blizzard of snow pelting around the alleyways of Covent Garden, we decided to take refuge in the V&A.
I was lucky enough to catch the second to last day of the exhibition ‘Light from the Middle East‘, showcasing photography from contemporary artists (Mamma Revs stuck to the gift shop, finding art exhibitions rather dull – blasphemy!)
Here are a some of my favourites:
‘I am an Educator’
These two photographs (above and below) by Manal Al-Dowayan attempt to reflect the position of women in Middle Eastern society, showing how while enjoying certain freedoms they are still weighed down by the chunky jewellery, which functions as a sign of tradition.
‘I am a Saudi woman’


Below – by Newsha TavakolianImageImage
Above and Below – This series, by Shadi Ghadirian, cleverly poses the subjects with traditional postures and styling, but includes hints of the modern; a stereo, pepsi can, mountain bike and sunglasses. Thus commenting on a juxtaposition in the Middle East, a region potentially torn between the old and new. Image

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