Junk in Your Trunk

Who doesn’t love a good early morning rise on a Sunday to peruse other peoples flea bitten furniture, videos and cassettes made for discontinued technology, cracked pottery, old fashioned and slightly creepy ornaments, ripped books, old rags, dirty bric a brac and generally useless and rather obsolete items?
 As foolhardy as a boot fair expedition sounds, it is actually a rather entertaining venture, and last weekend we had a good nose around the objects people were flogging and found a few gems.

We were particularly enticed by the Vintage Punchbowl, and while it would make a rather stunning Penthouse centre piece, £20.00 (although still a bargain) would rob us of food, and indeed any drink to put in the punchbowl for at least a fortnight. So, sadly rationality won over indulgent junk-splurging on this one.

Purchases of the day:
1 beaded headband    – £1.50
6 free range eggs    – £1.00
1 Picnic Basket      – £6.00
Total          – £8.50 = BARGAIN


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