Whistles Wonder

With the launch of their new website, the opening of the flagship on Dover Street and their debut in LFW this year, Whistles is one of the most exciting high street brands around at the moment. Okay, I realise I am severely biased as I worked for them for a few months, but I’ve always been a fan. For my sixteenth birthday I was incredibly excited to own my first leather bag, courtesy of the brand and my mother’s impeccable taste. But since I was sixteen they have got a whole lot more exciting, shedding their previous yummy mummy rep thanks to Jane Sheperdson’s take over in 2008. Here are a few reasons to get excited over them:
The Duchess of Cambridge has always been a loyal fan of Whistles (below; right)
 Personalisation has become a new experiment for Whistles, with their initialled varsity jacket last season and the new clutch monogram service, available in the Dover St store (above; left)
For us students the price tag can seem pretty hefty, but a Whistles item is an item for life. I try and see it as an investment, rather than a frivolity…
[Images taken from Whistles official website]

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