Sadly I cannot take credit for the cleaver pun in the title… Eataly is a chain of food stores opening all over Italy and now internationally (New York and Japan are already open, so fingers crossed for a London branch soon) as a partnership between Oscar Farinetti and COOP Italy. They are designed in collaboration with the slow food movement, which aims to preserve traditional and regional cuisine in an attempt to eradicate fast food.
The store in Rome is their biggest yet, it was opened recently in an abandoned Air Terminal building near Ostiense Station.


Inside this humongous store there are various bars and restaurants, a culinary library and area dedicated to baking apparatus, even a cooking school on the top floor. Each section specialises in a different area of Italian cuisine.
So there is a whole department for olive oil, a mini brewery where they make beer and a counter over which people refill their recyclable glass bottles with anything from water to wine.
In each restaurant they provide information about the food, ranging from charts displaying what is in season, to free recipes from their menus.


The family chose to eat in the Fish Section, so surrounded by ice pits full of colourful creatures from the sea, we chowed down a wide array of fish themed dishes ranging from risottos to baked local fish and salted fillets in sauce.ImageImageImageImageImage

One of my favourite aspects of Eataly was how aesthetically pleasing everything was (and no I am not referring to that rather good looking bunch of people in the photo above) I am talking about the labels and packaging. All the food had an extra attention to detail that would never be attempted or achieved at any normal food store.


But my main love is that this store is based around one concept (one that I am a fully fledged believer of): a true love of food and everything to do with it!

So with a full basket in tow, including an apron Mamma B purchased for me and all my new cooking endeavours, we waved goodbye to heaven on earth slightly relieved by the knowledge that living so far away we would remain in shape and in pocket for a while longer!


    1. Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it!

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