Galleria Nazionale D’Arte Moderna

The Galleria Nazionale D’Arte Moderna (GNAM) is one of my favourite places to go when returning to Rome. The gallery is housed in a palatial villa, in which the impressive modern collection is beautifully contrasted against the antique architecture.
I am the only member of the Barber clan who is a big contemporary art fan, the parents tend to stick to the Renaissance, Impressionism, Modern and even Romantic periods, so my visit to these exhibitions was da sola (but it’s ok because I think visiting an art gallery alone is a lot less pathetic than going to the cinema alone, right!?! which was my regular activity last holiday… so I am improving!)
Their collection is massive with all of the modern classics present; Pollack, Warhol, Klimt, Miro, Mondrian and Kandinsky.
This time when I visited there were three visiting exhibitions, one based on Still Life, one on Japanese art and one on Sean Scully.



These two paintings are always my favourite when visiting, I just love the colours in both and the umbrellas on the right.



This particular Scully exhibition was based around his visits to London and New York, during which he was “inspired by the profiles, hues and vistas” that he encountered. It was a combination of canvas works and preparatory sketches, showing “refined geometries that re-imagine the history of abstraction as an art rooted in experience”.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageùI also love the book shop here, especially how they have decorated with art exhibition posters. This is something I am trying to do, whenever I go to a big exhibition I now purchase the poster in the hope that one day I will have an office/library full of them framed!




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