Private Moon

Private moon is a photography project by Russian artist Leonid Tishkov. Tishkov’srelationship with his life-sized crescent sculpture is a close one as he travels all over the world photographing it, usually in romantic and intimate night-time scenes. His photography evokes nostalgia, and he cites Russian fairytales as an inspiration, in particular the folk tales of the ancient Ural people. He also works closely with poetry, citing Chinese poet Li Bai as a source for ideas and inspiration, with each photo that he posts on his blog being accompanied by a short piece of written art to accompany it.
“The funeral of the moon-every morning
Come nightfall you discover the body of the newborn moon
and help return it to the sky
leaving a mere trace in the snow
a thawing light impression”
Private Moon at Tengri Umai Gallery2_Alamaty_blog1
Private Moon_The Tian-Shang Observatory near Almaty, Kazakhstan_night_blogPrivate Moon in the Hague
As well as being inspired by poems his work has proved equally inspirational with other artists, including Singaporean poet Leong Liew Geok, who saw his the moon at the Singaporean Biennale. A recent interview of Tishkov was done by the Huffington Post, in which he talks about his ideas, how his work has developed and also his special relationship with his beautiful moon. The photos were all taken from his blog, which he regularly updates with photos from this project and others.



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