Profile: Jenna Lyons


So when a woman is voted 44th in Time Magazines 100 Most Influential People because she is a “tastemaker”, you may start to realise that this lady is one worth watching. Then if you investigate further and find out that she is a regular White House visitor because Mrs O is a big fan of her work (and by big fan we mean photographed in them regularly) and then you dig further and find an article in the NY Times describing her as the “woman who dresses America”, you may start to question why the name Jenna Lyons is still an unfamiliar one? (Especially when glamour magazine voted her one of their women of the year).
Ok so enough with the suspense, why would or should you know about Jenna? Whilst she personally may not have shown up on your name radar (unless you work in or study fashion, in which case you SHOULD know her) she is the lady behind the cult American brand J Crew. She is also the woman famed for turning the brand from drab and dreary into a collection of modern classics.
Jenna is undeniably a woman of great taste (proof of this is not only in the fact that we wear very similar glasses), but she is also one who works hard for her job. She joined J Crew 22 years ago as an assistant menswear designer fresh out of Parsons NY and then worked her way up over the years.
(She is also the woman acknowledged behind the double denim trend, what a winner!)
Her street style is always impeccable and when her (now former) home was photographed by Living etc in 2009, her timeless style in both fashion and interiors became unquestionable.
For more photos of Jenna’s house check out Living etc’s full spread, including the article on her.
So there you have it- the woman of the moment who gave us patterned trousers, geek-chic glasses, double denim and the return of J Crew… Jenna we bow down to you!

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