Profile: Polly Morgan

I first came across Polly Morgan when I was studying art in London, her work was on display at the Haunch of Venison (an amazing gallery on Bond Street) and my favourite professor had recommended her Psychopomps exhibition to me. Having never heard of her before, it was over two years ago and back then she was relatively unknown, I had little expectations of her work. While some people are afraid, upset or scared by taxidermy I have always found it fascinating and I love how Morgan’s work retains a delicate humour underneath its sinister first impression.

(For all the animal rights readers out there screaming at the screen, panic over: “All taxidermied animals are either road casualties or have been donated to the artist by pet owners and vets after natural or unpreventable deaths“)
I describe my craft as part butchery, part sculpture”
“There is a general distinction between male and female taxidermists… men tend to favour big, robust creatures. These are less interesting to me; I’m drawn to the delicate and fragile.”
 Whilst the photos manage to portray the story of Morgan’s work, they in no way give credit to the delicacy and intricacy of her sculptures, nor the scale. It is rare now that I go to a modern art exhibition and am amazed by both the originality of the artist’s ideas and their sheer talent (it is usually one or the other) however Morgan’s work excels in both.
Whilst I don’t know what her future plans are exhibition wise visit her website for more information and work.
(Photos taken from the Haunch of Venison website, Wallpaper and The Independent)

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