Sun-dried Tomato and Ricotta Bread

Hovis, eat your heart out.

 What kind of traditional suburban childhood forgets to teach a kid how to bake bread? I know. Thats what I told the parents. In an attempt to rectify this gaping hole in the body of my life experience, I announced to Mamma Revs that we were to take up the challenge of baking a loaf. And, seeing as the smidgen of sunshine we have been getting has gone to my head slighty, I thought it would be far more exotic to put a Mediterranean twist on it.
Now we all need a little help from our friends, in this case we turned to the patron of Baking, our dear Delia – the best thing that has happened to Britain since…well, sliced bread (Sorry – couldn’t resist!)
 We pretty much stuck to the recipe, except we added chopped black olives to the mix.
I was a tad worried, as they looked very small and rather pathetic on the baking tray and I was getting rather peckish at this stage. But the yeast soon did it’s magic, and these little fellas soon turned into…
 …These much tastier looking baps!
We tried them warm out of the oven and they proved delicious on their own, with a small spreading of butter or cream cheese. You can find a very similar recipe here.

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  1. sterlingsrowe45 · · Reply

    Awesome idea and concept! Let’s eat!

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