Punk Pandaemonium: Chaos to Couture Met Gala 2013

I say Punk – you say Mohawk.
Punk is synonymous with the 1970’s social rebellion which saw anti-authoritarian rants, safety-pins and the angry beats of the Sex Pistols being embraced amongst an angsty and homogenous, but non-conformist, youth. And because every fashion voice is currently screaming, punk is back, the industry has transformed into a mass of studs, leather, dark lip liner and punchy attitude this season.
The crème de la crème of fashion (yeah I know, who let Kim Kardashian in?) flocked to the red carpet in NY on Monday, to show off their take on the theme for this year’s Met Gala ‘Chaos to Couture‘. An annual soiree to start the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s costume exhibit with a bang, the Met Gala never fails to disappoint. This year saw celebs swanning around in a punky parade of netting, exaggerated silhouettes and strategically placed cut outs.
Cara and Sienna looked as dashing as always in head to toe Burberry…
Anna Wintour, took the meaning of social rebellion a little too far by completely ignoring her own theme, and rocking up in a demure flowery little number.
But thankfully this isn’t one of those pretentious and abstract high-fashioney extravaganzas, where everyone’s outlandish outfits go straight over my ignorant head and I end up pouting that ‘i just don’t get it’. This years fantastical theme demanded a blend of aesthetic originality and imagination, making it acceptable, admirable even, to make bonkers look as good as you can.
However, like every Met Gala before, it this year produced a few combinations that were just plain wrong. These inexcusable sartorial eye-sores came courtesy of Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna (even the future Mrs West didn’t even come close to these catastrophes):
the 2013 Punk Pooh Poohs
As oppose to leaving you with the image of an overly shiny pink blob, here are a few images to muse over for the punk revival, and see where the catwalk gets its inspiration from.
 Brixton, 1985
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  1. well, I remember having “real” punk friends… as a teenager! It was a great time 🙂

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