Borough Market Bounties

A menagerie of smells and colours from all over the globe, Borough Market (near London Bridge) has everything that could ever satisfy a culinary connoisseur on the hunt for a bite to eat or provisions to stock up the larder. The old fashioned stalls provide anything and everything, from turkish baklava to sea-fresh oysters – and myself and Mamma Revs spent a gluttonous afternoon flitting from spread to ostentatious spread.
All this food trotting was making us thirsty, so this rather lovely chap obliged us with a Sangria
After much tactical deliberation over whether a hog roast or indian street food would satisfy our tastebuds, the hog roast won. Armed with a very generous ciabatta stuffed with tender pork, apple sauce and rocket, we both tucked into our lunch on the steps of the church in the sun.
To end the day after Borough Market, we hopped on the tube and headed to Oxford St. for a little window shopping, and a chilled Peroni from a small italian joint. Bliss!

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