According to critics the days of PAPER are numbered. It is slowly being ostracised from society in favour of modern technology; we no longer read on it (goodbye daily paper, hello internet; farewell novel, nice to meet you kindle; adios letter, you’ve been replaced by the younger, fresher email… OK you get the picture.) And even the art world, the area we all thought would be immune to this epidemic, has increasingly become techno-focused… David Hockney shame on you!

But that’s where we are wrong, whilst Charles Saatchi is currently receiving his 50 minutes of tabloid attention for those already infamous photos (how anyone could lay a hand on that domestic goddess is beyond me), he has always been relatively acclaimed in the art world for knowing whats great before us mere mortals come to our senses. And it is safe to say that he has struck again, celebrating paper whilst the rest of society is eschewing it.
The Paper exhibition currently showing at the Saatchi gallery, just off Sloane Square, is a pleasure for all. No art credentials needed, just a genuine interest into what amazingly talented people can do with the simplest of materials.
Here are the highlights:
Dawn Clements
Yuken Teruya
Dominic McGill

Marcelo Jacome

Han Feng
Daniel Kelly
So if like us, and many of our friends, you are working in or around the central london area this summer; why not impress your colleagues with your cultural prowess by spending a lunch break or evening date at this awesome exhibition.

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