Magic in SW19

There is nothing in the world quite like Wimbledon: fact!
For us Brits this annual sporting tradition marks the beginning of summer, and each year the sleepy borough of Merton, South London is transformed into a buzzing metropolis of sports fans.
 Visitors from all over the globe pile in at high volumes filling up train stations, buses and streets. The pavements are bustling with an air of excitement.
For the past few years now I have experienced this cult tradition from an insider’s perspective… the staff! Wimbledon is infamous in London as the students’ overdraft killer, as any locals (or people with somewhere to stay locally) wave goodbye to their social life for a fortnight and earn as much money as possible!
Whilst the hours for waitressing are long and the work is hard, there are many peaks to the job ranging from the constant supply of strawberries and scones, to the people you work with.
But obviously the main attraction is the possibility of getting onto centre court and this year I feel I did pretty well as I managed to catch all of Murray’s game (bar the final sadly!), the Djokovic quarter final and also see Federer getting knocked out.
One of the nicest things about Wimbledon is the remaining tradition, each day the results of the matches are manually updated on the score boards all around Centre Court and every evening there is live music played in the outdoor bar area.
IMG_0249 IMG_0251
The Jacob’s Creek chalet I was working in for the two weeks, my highlights had to be serving cream tea to Henry Holland and pouring sparkling Brut for Chris O’Dowd and his lovely wife Dawn O’Porter who we had a lovely chat with in the back as she did her hair for a concert that evening. Total babe!
But once the tournament ends, the partying begins! All the staff make their way to Wimbledon Common to watch the sunset and enjoy the first evening in two weeks where there are no thoughts of an early rise in the morning.
And obviously this year with extra reason to celebrate the village was buzzing!
But now it is time to return to real life…

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