Eat yo’ heart out Don Draper

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So this post may seem a little sporadic, disjointed even , I mean what do Mini Coopers and Salvatore Ferragamo really have in common? Well, the tenuous link that connects these two luxury brands is my admiration of their advertising agents, they have done a rather commendable job lately. I have just spent the past few minutes drooling over Taschen’s Game Changers, and it got me to thinking about the advertising game.

Advertising is essentially the creation and stimulation of artificial desire, creating the want that we know we don’t need, fuelling that ever-hungry consumerist machine. As H.G Wells cynically put it: ‘advertising is legalised lying’, and Banksy here seems to agree:


 Well, if ads are evil brainwashing devices of our materialistic generation, then I am self-admitidedly putty in their hands, and you know what – I even enjoy being manipulated by these rather clever mad men. Because it feels good to want stuff, it gives you ambition, and whilst a racing green convertible might not be as commendable a goal as, say, world peace, it’s still something to aim for.

(I realise the morals and logical reasoning behind that statement are a little fuzzy around the edges, but i’m just voicing what you are all secretly thinking!)

Here are a few of my favourite campaigns of the moment.

Mini Cooper by Access Agency

In their ‘car experiences’, persistently cool Access Agency topped their Drive-in Mini Cooper cinema (upon the unveiling of the new Countryman in Italy) with ‘Mini inflatables’ this summer. As stated by Access Agency, these life-size mini cooper inflatables are for fun and promotion, to be used as the ultimate beach accessory to see and be seen in.

“They can be used not only at the beach over summer but in many other environments as well. Additional uses for the beach include fun Mini rides in Mini Inflatables pulled by speedboats or jet skis. Mini Inflatables are effective as massive “balloons” on top of actual Minis in showrooms, outdoor picnic promotions, parks, special events such as Art Basel and other large-scale festivals.”  – Access Agency


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Forte Forte – SS 2013

Have a little mooch through some of this stunning campaign imagery I stumbled across Forte Forte. These etherial underwater shots are from last season, and give a much more convincing portrayal of a modern-day mermaid than the red-head with the singing crab and erotic shell bra. For some of Forte Forte’s current campaign imagery see our October moodboard.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 09.54.52Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 09.54.59Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 09.55.07Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 09.55.20

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Salvatore Ferragamo’s Walking Stories

Ferragamo has created a 21-minute film Walking Stories, directed by Gianluca Guadagnino, which will be shown bi-weekly on The film covers three cities which supposedly represent three different aspects of  the fashion house:

Florence, the label’s native town; Los Angeles, where the brand’s eponymous founder honed his talents; and Shanghai, which symbolises the future of Ferragamo. (

Watch the trailer here:

Kenzo A/W 2013

If Roy Lichtenstein and Salvador Dali were to have a metaphorical artistic baby I feel this is what the little fella would look like. Punchy pop-art-esque surrealism seems to sum up this season’s campaign by Kenzo.



 I could go on and on all day with this, but given the fact that most people are unlikely to have even made it this far reading this post I’ll stop here. So tell me persistent fans who have actually made it to the end, what are your favourite ad campaigns of the moment?


(Sources: The Cool Hunter, Forte Forte, Kenzo,, Ferragamo)


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