Maptia & Their Intranslatables

Growing up overseas with friends from all over the globe gives language a whole new perspective. Not only can you marvel at and feel inadequate next to cute kids in Year 2 who are already fluent in five languages, but you can also learn new concepts from different cultures. However there are some words which due to the societal differences are so important in one country, and yet don’t even exist in another (everyone knows of the classic tale of Eskimos having over 50 different words for snow, due to texture, type and temperature).

Therefore when I came across this wonderful Huffington Post article, in which the ever-amazing people from Maptia  created beautiful illustrations, I simply had to share them with you. Why couldn’t Derrida have just come up with his ponsey theories on the limits of language in the format of such pretty doodles? We dare you to try not to utter those irrepressible ‘hmmms’ of agreement to these ideas (why don’t we have a word for that, Maptia get on it!), especially for all those times we have wanted to express the feeling of being alone in the woods…

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And funky word pictures are not all Maptia do. One of the great things about writing a blog is that often you have to search for stuff to give you inspiration, however other times you just stumble across other beautiful content that  you want to share immediatly. This was the case when I found Maptia, a travel and mapping blog and website full of gorgeous photos and inspirational journeys. Here are a couple I enjoyed, for who doesn’t love a slightly hippy meme which looks like it has jumped straight off an STA advertisement?


Although I don’t quite understand the Ins and Outs of it all yet (and from what I do understand the real content should be coming out soon) the vibe I receive from Maptia is one of love for the planet, nature and travel. And with beautiful pictures like these free to download, and a promise to help “create beautiful maps of your life and places around you“, how could you not agree. So who else is ready to sign their manifesto…




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