Advanced Style

When I am old I shall wear purple with a red hat which doesn’t go, and doesn’t suit me.
– Jenny Joseph
One thing Revs forgot to mention in my bio is my complete obsession with fashionable old women. Mainly grey hair. I’m talking about the silver fox eccentrics of the world. Iris Apfel, Lanvin model Tziporah Salmon, Angela Lansbury, and Beatrix Ost. I strongly believe that I will reach my sartorial peak in my late 60s, when white-haired, saggy boobed and sunken cheeked, my grandchildren will see me as the most elegant women on the planet (or I will just end up like my own grandma who spends her life in navy tracksuit bottoms).


Either way there is a steely confidence that wizened women own which comes from years of creating and editing outfits; they now know which colours, shapes and styles suit them and being an OAP seems to exempt you from the need to follow fashion fads. Also the lack of body change, apart from the inevitable dropping effects of gravity, means that investing in well-cut pieces that last a long time is the easiest way to go.

There is also a romantic side to the wrinkles and sun spots that represent a life well lived; that inner glow of having enjoyed the best years of your life, yet still finding small pleasure in the day-to-day banality of life. This rose-tinted vision of living off your pension is also shared by Ari Seth Cohen who created the blog Advanced Style, which is where I sourced these photos from. He was also responsible for the Karen Walker Ad campaign featuring some of his favourite leading ladies.

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Iris Apfel

And the Queen Bee of these elderly icons is without a doubt Iris Apfel, an American business woman and interior designer, co-founder of the textile company Old World Weavers, she oversaw many major renovation projects including the White House for nine presidents.

So admired it her style that in 2006 The Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art did an exhibition on her clothes and jewellery entitled “Rara Avis: Selections from the Iris Apfel Collection”, and also producing one of my personal favourite fashion books.


Here is a short interview she did for the Met, well worth a watch:

So whilst these are my favourite ageing goddesses we would love to hear about many more!



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