Autumn Playlist

Asgeir – Kings and Cross

I have to credit the discovery of Asgeir to my friend Trevs, who introduced me to him as the ‘Icelandic Bon Iver’. Intrigued, I youtubed. Delighted with the result, Kings and Cross has been playing on repeat in our kitchen ever since. And long may it continue.

The 2 Bears – Church

Now I have to credit the discovery of The 2 Bears to my Swedish housemate (I know, find some of your own damn music Megan!) and when I visited her this summer this tune would be playing non-stop as we sun-bathed and ate crayfish. I actually forgot about the song until I heard it coming from her room the other day, which caused to me drop everything I was doing and promptly download.

Mausi – Move

I’d never really heard of Mausi until we went to the opening of a new night in Exeter called ‘Kink’, and these guys were headlining. This is their most popular song, and for good reason too.

Bastille – What would you do?

Now this really has been playing in our kitchen on repeat. Who doesn’t love a good 90’s cover?

Valentina – Ladders

This one I stumbled across from one of Whistles’ playlists on their website blog. Valentina’s reminds me of a Florence in the making, all haunted and mystical like.

London Grammar – Nightcall (Freemasons remix)

Now everyone knows the original song from the Drive soundtrack, but this is London Grammar’s cover, remixed to bop it up a bit.

Lorde – Team

With Royals being such a great success we thought it was time to check out some other work that Lorde has done. Love this popy and upbeat number!

Volcano Choir – Byegone

Long hours in the library or afternoons wasted filing away dissertation research now no longer need to be a chore. This stormy yet relaxing tune is the perfect work accompaniment!

RY X – Berlin

I am obsessed with this song. FULL STOP!

Angus & Julia Stone – Take You Away (SizzleBird Remix)

I am know amongst my housemates as being a bit of an Angus & Julia obsessive, yes I did go through a phase last year where they were on repeat anytime anyone entered my room. But like all great addictions is petered out after a few months, however this remix may reignite the old flame!

Lily Allen – Somewhere Only We Know

So ending on a festive not, here it is – the official soundtrack to the infamous JL advert. Nothing says Christmas like a eerily beautiful cover of a Keane classic!



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  1. Georgia Carnegie · · Reply

    love this

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