Because Sharing is Caring…

To quote my dad “I am surrounded by woman”, and he is; but equally so am I. With a small city apartment back home filled with many younger sisters and my student abode housing eight girls, my life is one big sorority. And I love it! Sleepovers, baking afternoons and the abundance of toiletries aside there is one main aspect of being surrounded by oestrogen 24-7 that I really adore… the wardrobes. Yes just imagine, it is the pooling together of eight similar-minded, fashionable, females (shoes and jewellery included) into what can only be described as sartorial paradise.

However there does come a time in every woman’s life where her love starts to wane, and in this sad absence of sentiment jealousy starts to rear it’s ugly head. And when your relationship with your wardrobe turns sour, yet you are still surrounded by many a surrogate sister whose clothes are inevitably cooler than yours, it’s hard not to compare. But fear not my bloggy-blog readers, Christmas is on the horizon, bringing with it New Year which beckons prospects of fresh starts, new yous and most importantly the SALES! However I find that when entering this dangerous, cut-price pandemonium of bargains it is important to have a clear idea of what you want and need. After all, entering the sales without a dream wardrboe in mind in just as risky as popping into Waitrose hungry and without a list. Both are likely to end in a short-lived and expensive high.

So this got me thinking, if I could chose a few select others to join this open wardrobe cult (yes a little like fashion dessert island discs) who would I add and why? And how can these ladies inspire my clothes of the future.

Here are my choices:

Poppy Delvigne:

Ok so the freckles and long legs mean I am automatically biased towards her, but something about her refreshing mix of English countryside and London cool always appeals to me. Yes it does help that she is drop dead gorgeous, but isn’t that always the case.

Alexa Chung:

Yeah, no surprise here. Any style list that doesn’t include Alexa is automatically devoid in my eyes.

Clémence Poésy:

So in this sea of British beauty it is refreshing to have the European chic that only a French lady can bring to the table. Clémence has had my heart ever since she starred alongside Eddy in Birdsong, summers were spent daydreaming that it was in fact me walking along the banks of the river, and delivering bread to impoverished worker families. And my envy isn’t only for her in movies, in real life she is grungy in a pulled together manner, moody without seeming grumpy and boy can Clémence pull off a hat well!

Florence Brundell Bruce:

Another English rose for you all, isn’t she just divine!

Margherita Missoni:

It may help having grandparents who own possibly the coolest fashion house in the world, but for me Margherita sums up laid-back Italian style.

Olivia Palermo:

I will never have the money, patience, time and lifestyle combination that will lead me to ever looking as pristine as Olivia, but I can dream right?

Charlotte Olympia:

If you aren’t already in love with this woman’s amazing shoes (definitely some for the dream wardrobe) they why not drool over her gorgeous red curls, or envy her great sense of humour when dressing.


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