Eating Our Way Through Winter

Because who are they kidding when people say that Christmas is ‘all about the family’, we know that really the most important part of this festive holiday is what is entering our bellies. So here is what we stuffed in –

Biscuit Christmas Tree:

Who needs a gingerbread house when you have this edible creation? Sadly I am not the engineering mastermind this photo suggests as anyone who has entered Lakeland this holiday will know that it is just a kit they sell consisting of numerous start shaped cookie cutters that you stick together. However the assembly and decoration was a satisfyingly fiddly ordeal that can bond sisters in the festive season. The only problem is when one of you wants to start eating it and the others aren’t done oggling at it!


Orange and Cranberry Breakfast Buns:

Inspired by our housemate Milly, who regularly whips out the most delicious Chelsea Buns to the awe of our lucky guests, I decided to try out this flavour combination that I had previously seen on Smitten Kitchen. However I made a few changes, mainly as I couldn’t find fresh cranberries (only dried) and also because I wanted something a little less sweet as we were having them for breakfast. However these are so great, the smell wafting round the house is enough to tempt hungover sisters out of bed, and they are the perfect start to a long day especially when combined with a good old cup of tea.

Screen shot 2014-01-06 at 12.37.33

Pasta Rotolo:

The holidays wouldn’t be the same without a good old recipe from Jamie, and as I am currently existing in the country of pasta this looked like a fun little project. The fresh pasta I used was taken from our local market where, I kid you not, they keep a chest of drawers in which instead of the usual contents of knickers and socks they have DIFFERENT TYPES OF PASTA! I wish I could take a video to share with you all, but a better suggestion would be to just come out to Rome and check out the side tables of pressed dough filling the local markets – I promise it won’t disappoint.

photo 4

Pannetone Pudding:

This dessert will literally create friends for you. I went to a New Years Party last year in which everyone brought a dish, so thinking smartly I decided this was the best chance to use up all the old cake lying around the house, and half way through the evening made good friends with a stranger and our conversation was based solely on how he had literally eaten half of the pudding – from the dish. Yes it was about 2am and I think he needed it to make it any further in the night, but this anecdote is a small testament to how more-ish this can be. Also it is so simple to make, but we don’t have to tell anyone else that, right!?!


(source: BBC)

Rabbit Pie:

Apologies to any of you out there who are looking at their pet Fluffly in horror but rabbit pie is a family favourite. It is comfort food maximus and also really good fun to make. It is normally my little sister who helps me make this dish and the best bit is always deciding what design to put on top with the leftover pastry, usually we are satisfied if we can get an even edge to the crust, however due to a tense game of Articulate lasting longer than expected Mamma B took over in the kitchen – if you look closely she even attempted holly and ivy!

photo 1

Mamma B’s Mini Christmas Puddings:

These are potentially the cutest little creations that make it onto the family table ever year and they are just a way of Sonia using up leftover pudding mix. We also love helping to make the little marzipan toppings!


 Mini Mojito Cupcakes

Often Cupcakes can be a little sickly, and the pleasure of the taste is always robbed from me by the instant nausea that hits me a few seconds after consumption, caused by a whole handful of butter icing and sugar. Hello diabetes. So I gave these little fellas a go from the Hummingbird bakery cook book. But essentially you can follow any old cupcake recipe, just add lemon and lime zest, chopped mint, and a whole glug dash of Bacardi. I used little truffle cases to make them extra mini, but you can go any size you like! Lavish decorations are a must.


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