The Women Behind The Vultures

Howdy partner, we are Babs & Revs! Two friends who met during our first year of university, bonded over our love of triple denim, edgy illustrations of cute animals and Nomadic interior design, which gave us the urge to grab a little slice of internet for ourselves and share our inner musings.

Revs on Babs: Babs is our very own fashion guru, learning a lot during her stint at LCF. Becoming a beauty school drop out, she decided to exchange her city slacks for Hunters by coming to Exeter Uni. Residing in Rome Babs leads a hard life lying by the pool and eating gelato. The exotic location may give it away as she’s serious bourgeois booty, but Babs likes to pretend that because she lived in Hackney for 3 months she’s experienced real class diversity. The Italian influence didn’t just affect her middle class status, she’s also a machine in the kitchen and the only reason I’m not malnourished.

Babs on Revs: Revs is a humanities student at Exeter, an only child and loves chicory leaves dipped in humus. Coming from a less cultured area of Kent, she thinks of herself as the only person in the area with any sense of taste. Because she went to grammar school, loitered at local bus stops and her parents aren’t foreign office employees, Revs thinks she is quite street, but in reality she is one pampered pup. While Revs is a fiend in Articulate, she seriously lacks in cooking and sporting ability, and as I say “You can take the girl outta Maidstone, but you can’t take Maidstone outta the girl”.

We feel like this encapsulates our relationship more accurately than the words above…


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