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Matisse #1: Tate Modern Cut-Outs

The Tate Modern has a flair for creating public interest, an ability that now characterises the modern art world. Their highly publicised exhibitions become ‘must-see’s, and the buzz created around said artist spans all forms of media. This excitement is palpable upon entering the Cut-Outs exhibition. The crowded rooms are full of pushing and shoving […]

May Moodboard

Our magpie collection of things we drool over on the internet. In a non-pervy way.

Art14: A Nordic Vision

A long overdue post about the Art14 which exhibited in London in March Walking around the global art exhibition Art14 in Kensington’s Olympia Grand, I felt my body was in shock, or undergoing some sort of sensory overload. Stepping through the doorway from the grey London sky it was if I had fallen into a […]

Important Life Lessons, Courtesy of Frida Kahlo

Musings from a final year (non-art historian) student, trying to avoid exam revision through the cultural procrastination of the Frida Kahlo exhibition at the Scuderie del Quirinale in Rome: – There are never enough opportunities for a cheeky selfie – Whilst we may frown our cultural brows down on the highly edited, makeup filled, pout […]

What Is the Most Iconic Image in The World? (Part II)

Unlike “is there any milk left in the fridge” and “what appalling concoction did I drink last night that resulted in this horrific headache”, the question posed in this article is not one that regularly troubles me. However a couple of weeks ago, as oppose to the regular dinner discussions of politics and current affairs […]

Is Art just Porn for Posh People?

[Jonathan Light – The Art of Porn: An Aesthetics for the Performing Art of Pornography] For me, my Classics seminar at 9am on a Thursday morning equates to what I imagine the mental struggle of Chinese water torture to be like. Okay so torture should never be trivialised, I take that back, but the purest […]

Because it would be selfish to keep these to myself…

These are just a few artsy goodies that I couldn’t bear to relegate to a facebook status update, as The Jealous Curator puts it, this is “artwork that “made me jealous”… in a bad, toxic, soul-crushing way”. Be prepared for the  ultimate dose of ‘I wish I’d thought of that’. Kumi Yamashita – Artist [Constellation] Yamashita’s […]