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London Fashion Week: The Highlights

So as you may be aware, it is all coming to a close at Somerset House as the fashion pack hastily relocates to cities sunnier (Milan), and the fashion shows of weeks to come. However for those of you who struggled to keep up, here are our highlights from London Fashion Week: Isa Arfen Whilst this designer […]

If you can’t handle the heat

…then don’t worry, neither can we. But here are some photos of women who clearly can: (Photos taken from various sources including: Garace Doré, The Sartorialist, Vogue UK & Elle UK)

To Ink or Not To Ink…

That is the question. To start this post I should probably confess to you all that I am highly unlikely to ever get a tattoo. So mum and dad you can recollect those food crumbs you spat out in sheer horror of me contemplating the permanent inking of my body. Because in all honestly I […]


So I might as well give this one to you straight, no messing about, no circling around the topic – Is fur bad? Because I just can’t decide. Whilst I do say this being the owner of a jacket with a fox fur collar around it, I justified that purchase because the fur was second-hand, […]

Sape: The sartorial joie de vivre

‘Where there’s peace, there’s sape.’ When considering how Africa is depicted in mainstream media it is rare we get a positive image fed to us, much less one of suggested emulation. The continent has become a humorous anecdote for reluctant consumption, formed by the ever relatable image of a berating mother frowning over a plate […]

Because Sharing is Caring…

To quote my dad “I am surrounded by woman”, and he is; but equally so am I. With a small city apartment back home filled with many younger sisters and my student abode housing eight girls, my life is one big sorority. And I love it! Sleepovers, baking afternoons and the abundance of toiletries aside […]

Advanced Style

When I am old I shall wear purple with a red hat which doesn’t go, and doesn’t suit me. – Jenny Joseph One thing Revs forgot to mention in my bio is my complete obsession with fashionable old women. Mainly grey hair. I’m talking about the silver fox eccentrics of the world. Iris Apfel, Lanvin […]