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Carry On Crafting

So I don’t know when it happened, I guess there is no date or period that we can point to for an answer, but have you also noticed how crafting has become cool again? This was recently confirmed to me through the October issue of Vogue featuring both up and coming craftsmen (actually mainly women) […]

Because it would be selfish to keep these to myself…

These are just a few artsy goodies that I couldn’t bear to relegate to a facebook status update, as The Jealous Curator puts it, this is “artwork that “made me jealous”… in a bad, toxic, soul-crushing way”. Be prepared for the  ultimate dose of ‘I wish I’d thought of that’. Kumi Yamashita – Artist [Constellation] Yamashita’s […]

Profile: Jenna Lyons

  So when a woman is voted 44th in Time Magazines 100 Most Influential People because she is a “tastemaker”, you may start to realise that this lady is one worth watching. Then if you investigate further and find out that she is a regular White House visitor because Mrs O is a big fan […]

Cheating on Fashion with Furniture

So for some reason recently I have become a bit obsessed with buying items for my room and, being mainly from charity and vintage shops, I am justifying these decoration purchases as ‘investments’. Personally, I feel buying items for your room seems so much more sensible and grown up than buying clothes: firstly because you […]

Bookshelf Lust

Enough said! Babs     (Photo credits:

Student Spaces: Mr Hughes

This week Culture Vultures were lucky enough to catch up with political mastermind and token-welsh-man Jono Hughes for a tour of his stylish yet refined room. Jono is a bit of a BNOC [Big Name on Campus] in Exeter as a key member of the politics society, and more generally for being quite a funny […]

Student Spaces: Mr Trevs

The second in the Student Spaces series, bringing you a sneak peak into the room of musician, academic, general renaissance man and very dear friend, Jameson Trevs. Studies: Geography Design ethos: I suppose it’s just a collection of all my favourite things arranged in a way that I liked. Simple. Also, the cluttered look seems to work […]