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Travel Vietnam: Sapa & Bac Ha

I was flicking through my travel journal yesterday. ‘Travel journal’ is probably being a bit generous; it privileges my notes with the romantic image of a dog-eared palimpsest bursting with hand-written ink-stained memories, weathered by experience and the intrepid wanderings of the author. My odyssey was a little less earthy, and a little more modern however; consisting of […]

Art14: A Nordic Vision

A long overdue post about the Art14 which exhibited in London in March Walking around the global art exhibition Art14 in Kensington’s Olympia Grand, I felt my body was in shock, or undergoing some sort of sensory overload. Stepping through the doorway from the grey London sky it was if I had fallen into a […]

125 Years of National Geographic

Two weeks ago, when exams, deadlines and dissertations were a mere afterthought, and my mind was still enjoying the post-Christmas lethargic lull, the family and I headed off to a Photography exhibition entitled “The Great Adventure”. It documents 125 years of National Geographic photography, so was basically an hour spent ogling at some of the […]

Because it would be selfish to keep these to myself…

These are just a few artsy goodies that I couldn’t bear to relegate to a facebook status update, as The Jealous Curator puts it, this is “artwork that “made me jealous”… in a bad, toxic, soul-crushing way”. Be prepared for the  ultimate dose of ‘I wish I’d thought of that’. Kumi Yamashita – Artist [Constellation] Yamashita’s […]

Art Friday: Photography

Prague: Street Art

I’m not going to lie to you all, I had a pretty shameful pre-conception of the Czech Republic. We’re talking ignorant cultural stereotyping at it’s finest. The image in my head consisted of a rather bleak sky framing a couple of eastern european men wearing dirty-white tank tops and gold chains, playing poker, and sitting next […]

Eat yo’ heart out Don Draper

So this post may seem a little sporadic, disjointed even , I mean what do Mini Coopers and Salvatore Ferragamo really have in common? Well, the tenuous link that connects these two luxury brands is my admiration of their advertising agents, they have done a rather commendable job lately. I have just spent the past few minutes […]