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Travel Vietnam: Sapa & Bac Ha

I was flicking through my travel journal yesterday. ‘Travel journal’ is probably being a bit generous; it privileges my notes with the romantic image of a dog-eared palimpsest bursting with hand-written ink-stained memories, weathered by experience and the intrepid wanderings of the author. My odyssey was a little less earthy, and a little more modern however; consisting of […]

Nimbin: The Down-Under Nirvana

Image: Nimbin during the Aquarius Festival 1973 (Source: Nimbin is the remnant of a festival that went on slightly too long in 1973; people came to smoke, discuss, party and protest, and didn’t really leave. A myriad of student intellectuals, hippies, wandering nomads and freethinking idealists, the festival-goes lingered, and formed communes and occupancy communities dedicated […]

There’s Something About Stockholm

So under the guise of dissertation research and serious work, I managed to persuade myself that a few days in Stockholm was exactly the inspiration I needed when embarking on the final push for the old degree. As I had been told by numerous people that I would “instantly fall in love” with this wonderful […]

Prague: Street Art

I’m not going to lie to you all, I had a pretty shameful pre-conception of the Czech Republic. We’re talking ignorant cultural stereotyping at it’s finest. The image in my head consisted of a rather bleak sky framing a couple of eastern european men wearing dirty-white tank tops and gold chains, playing poker, and sitting next […]

Shanghai: From Ho To CEO

So, because academic summer exchanges are clearly my passion, I have just come back from a stint on the Study China program, where I was based at East China Normal University in Shanghai. And I thought I had better write a post to tell you all about it, and enlighten you on what’s going down […]

Maptia & Their Intranslatables

Growing up overseas with friends from all over the globe gives language a whole new perspective. Not only can you marvel at and feel inadequate next to cute kids in Year 2 who are already fluent in five languages, but you can also learn new concepts from different cultures. However there are some words which due to the societal differences are so […]

How to: Throw a Crayfish Party

Apart from having tentatively spied the Crayfish and Avocado Salad on the rack of Pret a Manger (but never quite having the gall to risk the £4.25 and lunchtime feed on it), I hadn’t had much contact with crayfish in my time. Thankfully, this gaping hole in the body of my gastronomic life-experience was rectified […]