That is the question. To start this post I should probably confess to you all that I am highly unlikely to ever get a tattoo. So mum and dad you can recollect those food crumbs you spat out in sheer horror of me contemplating the permanent inking of my body. Because in all honestly I […]

Having a coffee with Pippa Bartolotti is nothing short of a lesson in personal inadequacy. As she swept through the door swathed in a vivid emerald-green coat (handmade of course), with her silver hair swept back in an elegant chignon, offset with the dainty peace symbols dangling from her lobes, I was confronted with the […]

The Homo-sapien is a diverse species. Whilst coming in an array of shapes, sizes and colors, ‘The Brit’ is perhaps the oddest strain. Self-commiseratively dwelling in wet conditions, he is easily identified by displaying irrational tendencies. Such include: catching someone’s attention by saying ‘sorry’; pretending to conduct a thorough search of pockets despite knowing he […]

Our magpie collection of things we drool over on the internet. In a non-pervy way.

So I might as well give this one to you straight, no messing about, no circling around the topic – Is fur bad? Because I just can’t decide. Whilst I do say this being the owner of a jacket with a fox fur collar around it, I justified that purchase because the fur was second-hand, […]

A long overdue post about the Art14 which exhibited in London in March Walking around the global art exhibition Art14 in Kensington’s Olympia Grand, I felt my body was in shock, or undergoing some sort of sensory overload. Stepping through the doorway from the grey London sky it was if I had fallen into a […]

Musings from a final year (non-art historian) student, trying to avoid exam revision through the cultural procrastination of the Frida Kahlo exhibition at the Scuderie del Quirinale in Rome: – There are never enough opportunities for a cheeky selfie – Whilst we may frown our cultural brows down on the highly edited, makeup filled, pout […]