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Travel Vietnam: Sapa & Bac Ha

I was flicking through my travel journal yesterday. ‘Travel journal’ is probably being a bit generous; it privileges my notes with the romantic image of a dog-eared palimpsest bursting with hand-written ink-stained memories, weathered by experience and the intrepid wanderings of the author. My odyssey was a little less earthy, and a little more modern however; consisting of […]

Natural China

“Nature, time and patience are the three great physicians.”               -Chinese Proverb As the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words so this post is going to be picture focused. As my last one about China I thought I would get a few of my favourite photos […]

Hangzhou by Night

So whilst the Chinese don’t join the Brits in the view that evening entertainment consists of a loud group of overly inebriated, suitably sloshed and embarrassingly rowdy young people attempting to dance in a sweaty night club to awful music, they do have their own ideas on what makes a good night. So whilst attempting to […]

Babs in China

So I am presuming that the smarter members of the blog-audience gathered from the title of this post that I am no longer writing from cold-wet Exeter, I am in fact speaking to you from colder-wetter China! I am currently doing a three-week study exchange at Zejiang University, in the city of Hangzhou (a beautiful […]