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The Peasant Nouveaux

An easy recipe to enlighten your whole morning experience; never again will you succumb to the commercial pressure of Jordan’s Country Crisp. Join the burgeoning flanks of the Peasant Nouveaux (aka. the middle class version of The Good Life), and don’t just buy ‘organic’, ‘healthy’ and ‘wholesome’, be those nourishing attributes. Never before has it been so trendy to own […]

March Moodboard 2014

Our magpie collection of things we drool over on the internet. In a non-pervy way.

Eating Our Way Through Winter

Because who are they kidding when people say that Christmas is ‘all about the family’, we know that really the most important part of this festive holiday is what is entering our bellies. So here is what we stuffed in – Biscuit Christmas Tree: Who needs a gingerbread house when you have this edible creation? […]

Going Green

Macaroons are something I have always wanted to attempt to make, they are beautifully delicate and delicious. However they require quite a lot of baking apparatus, so whilst stuck in a student house in Exeter I was condemned to the “all the ideas but none of the gear” group. Therefore whilst being at home I […]

Sun-dried Tomato and Ricotta Bread

Hovis, eat your heart out.  What kind of traditional suburban childhood forgets to teach a kid how to bake bread? I know. Thats what I told the parents. In an attempt to rectify this gaping hole in the body of my life experience, I announced to Mamma Revs that we were to take up the challenge of […]

Foodie Fridays

So this Friday kicked off to a wonderful start courtesy of our rather gorgeous next door neighbour Michael Marriott (sorry ladies, sadly no relation to the hotel chain). He whipped up a storm for us in the kitchen and we started off the day with a sumptuous round of Eggs Benedict.  As if that did not […]