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Eating Our Way Through Winter

Because who are they kidding when people say that Christmas is ‘all about the family’, we know that really the most important part of this festive holiday is what is entering our bellies. So here is what we stuffed in – Biscuit Christmas Tree: Who needs a gingerbread house when you have this edible creation? […]

How to: Throw a Crayfish Party

Apart from having tentatively spied the Crayfish and Avocado Salad on the rack of Pret a Manger (but never quite having the gall to risk the £4.25 and lunchtime feed on it), I hadn’t had much contact with crayfish in my time. Thankfully, this gaping hole in the body of my gastronomic life-experience was rectified […]

Sun-dried Tomato and Ricotta Bread

Hovis, eat your heart out.  What kind of traditional suburban childhood forgets to teach a kid how to bake bread? I know. Thats what I told the parents. In an attempt to rectify this gaping hole in the body of my life experience, I announced to Mamma Revs that we were to take up the challenge of […]

When life gives you lemons…

For Valentines Day this year I got given a book on hosting vintage tea parties (calm down Mum the book was from one of my housemates… not a boy) and one of the recipes inside is for traditional lemonade. While lemonade is mainly seen as a summer drink [Charlie and I are contemplating opening up […]

Pimp my Pizza

So with it being a mid-term Monday, possibly the worst kind of day ever invented, and the members of the Penthouse definitely needing a bit of a pick me up we decided to have a ‘make your own pizza night’. I made the dough a few hours in advance along with a tomato sauce, both […]

Come Dine With Us

Dinner parties at the Penthouse are always an evening of fun and fancy free, where the wine flows (as much as it can within a student budget), cakes are demolished and stimulating conversation topics nattered about. The other evening we were lucky enough to be joined by our nearest and dearest, where talk ranged from Derrida’s politics of […]