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Profile: No Guts No Glory

While Exeter may be overshadowed in the South West by its edgier big brother (…aka Bristol), the city does have a few things going for it in the art scene. Enter No Guts No Glory; an independent shop in McCoys Arcade which shows off illustrating talent from all over the UK, from the likes of Sandra Dieckmann‘s kooky critters […]

Life’s a Beach

While Exeter may not be bestowed with visits from any big name bands, an endless array of nightlife venues or many sites of cultural significance, the one thing it can boast of is beaches.  With sand and sea guaranteed at only twenty minutes away the beach is high up on any student’s to do list […]

Oh Mamma, I wanna go Surfing

Wake up It’s a beautiful morning Honey, while the sun is still shining Wake up Would you like to go with me? Honey, take a run down to the beachOh, mama I wanna go surfing Oh, mama I don’t care about nothing Well The Drums say it all really, it was a beautiful morning, and […]

Because Sunday is the Day of Rest

This weekend I was joined by my extended family mainly from Cheltenham; Aunty, Uncle and lots of lovely cousins, including the other KB [also based in Exeter]. We started off with a dog walk along the quay, however after persistent rain and howling winds we stopped for Sunday lunch and then moved quickly onto the […]

Escape to the Country

Even us students can get a little bored of the endless cycle of booze, followed by the punishing hangover, followed by dreaded forced seminar participation, the strain of which inevitably pushes us back to the bottle again. Alas the life of an alcoholic academic is a tough existence, so when student living gets a little […]