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12 Hours: Florence

So living in Rome has many benefits, one of them being that Florence is only a 1 hour train journey away. So little sister and I decided to take advantage of TrenItalia’s 2for1 Saturday ticket offer and spent 12 hours pottering around the beautiful streets of the Tuscan city. Visit: Ponte Vecchio & Ponte Santa […]

Going Green

Macaroons are something I have always wanted to attempt to make, they are beautifully delicate and delicious. However they require quite a lot of baking apparatus, so whilst stuck in a student house in Exeter I was condemned to the “all the ideas but none of the gear” group. Therefore whilst being at home I […]

When life gives you lemons…

For Valentines Day this year I got given a book on hosting vintage tea parties (calm down Mum the book was from one of my housemates… not a boy) and one of the recipes inside is for traditional lemonade. While lemonade is mainly seen as a summer drink [Charlie and I are contemplating opening up […]

Filmstrip: Animals

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Shake Your Pom Pom

So thanks to a certain bottle of homemade sloe gin (courtesy of Mamma Revs), both of us Culture Vultures were rather worse for wear yesterday. Seeing as pizza and nutella toasties hadn’t done the trick, we decided a bit of arts and crafts a la Martha Stewart may help with the hangovers. And so, while […]

Filmstrip: Architecture

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