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Eating Our Way Through Winter

Because who are they kidding when people say that Christmas is ‘all about the family’, we know that really the most important part of this festive holiday is what is entering our bellies. So here is what we stuffed in – Biscuit Christmas Tree: Who needs a gingerbread house when you have this edible creation? […]

Let Them Eat Cake

The beauty of cake was first enjoyed by the Ancient Egyptians, more in the form of a sweetened bread. But the invention of refined sugar and advances in oven technology, enabled the high courts of mid-17th century Europe to develop sweet spongy creations with sticky icing drizzled on top. Cake in modern society has many associations […]

When life gives you lemons…

For Valentines Day this year I got given a book on hosting vintage tea parties (calm down Mum the book was from one of my housemates… not a boy) and one of the recipes inside is for traditional lemonade. While lemonade is mainly seen as a summer drink [Charlie and I are contemplating opening up […]