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August Moodboard

Our magpie collection of things we drool over on the internet. In a non-pervy way. Advertisements

If you can’t handle the heat

…then don’t worry, neither can we. But here are some photos of women who clearly can: (Photos taken from various sources including: Garace Doré, The Sartorialist, Vogue UK & Elle UK)

Oh, Britannia

The Homo-sapien is a diverse species. Whilst coming in an array of shapes, sizes and colors, ‘The Brit’ is perhaps the oddest strain. Self-commiseratively dwelling in wet conditions, he is easily identified by displaying irrational tendencies. Such include: catching someone’s attention by saying ‘sorry’; pretending to conduct a thorough search of pockets despite knowing he […]

Magic in SW19

There is nothing in the world quite like Wimbledon: fact! For us Brits this annual sporting tradition marks the beginning of summer, and each year the sleepy borough of Merton, South London is transformed into a buzzing metropolis of sports fans.  Visitors from all over the globe pile in at high volumes filling up train stations, […]