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Going Green

Macaroons are something I have always wanted to attempt to make, they are beautifully delicate and delicious. However they require quite a lot of baking apparatus, so whilst stuck in a student house in Exeter I was condemned to the “all the ideas but none of the gear” group. Therefore whilst being at home I […]

Earl Grey Cupcakes

Ok yes I do realise that the majority of my posts recently have been food-based, but surely for the family out there reading this should be a reassurance. No I am not starving, or surviving solely off noodles, and no I do not spend every second out of lectures drinking or sleeping. The “UNAY&no-parents” mantra […]

Because Sunday is the Day of Rest

This weekend I was joined by my extended family mainly from Cheltenham; Aunty, Uncle and lots of lovely cousins, including the other KB [also based in Exeter]. We started off with a dog walk along the quay, however after persistent rain and howling winds we stopped for Sunday lunch and then moved quickly onto the […]