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Eating Our Way Through Winter

Because who are they kidding when people say that Christmas is ‘all about the family’, we know that really the most important part of this festive holiday is what is entering our bellies. So here is what we stuffed in – Biscuit Christmas Tree: Who needs a gingerbread house when you have this edible creation? […]


Sadly I cannot take credit for the cleaver pun in the title… Eataly is a chain of food stores opening all over Italy and now internationally (New York and Japan are already open, so fingers crossed for a London branch soon) as a partnership between Oscar Farinetti and COOP Italy. They are designed in collaboration with the slow […]

Easter Antics

Amongst the unapologetic gluttony of chocolatey goods, the rowdy battle over the board game and copious glugs of pinot noir to wash down the lamb roast, Easter is above all a time for Family. Whilst from this sentence you may have assumed that my family are a bunch of tee-totalling buffoons, you would be correct. But […]

Earl Grey Cupcakes

Ok yes I do realise that the majority of my posts recently have been food-based, but surely for the family out there reading this should be a reassurance. No I am not starving, or surviving solely off noodles, and no I do not spend every second out of lectures drinking or sleeping. The “UNAY&no-parents” mantra […]

Foodie Fridays

So this Friday kicked off to a wonderful start courtesy of our rather gorgeous next door neighbour Michael Marriott (sorry ladies, sadly no relation to the hotel chain). He whipped up a storm for us in the kitchen and we started off the day with a sumptuous round of Eggs Benedict.  As if that did not […]