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Travel Vietnam: Sapa & Bac Ha

I was flicking through my travel journal yesterday. ‘Travel journal’ is probably being a bit generous; it privileges my notes with the romantic image of a dog-eared palimpsest bursting with hand-written ink-stained memories, weathered by experience and the intrepid wanderings of the author. My odyssey was a little less earthy, and a little more modern however; consisting of […]

Art Friday: Photography

A Love Letter to the Planet

If anybody is in the vicinity of London in the next four days drop everything you are doing and head over to the Natural History Museum to catch the closing of Sebastiao Salgado’s latest exhibition, Genesis.  Salgado’s result of eight years of travelling to some of the remotest regions of the globe, is majestically displayed […]

Filmstrip: Patterns

The next in the Film Strip Series on some of our photos that are, albeit rather tenuously, defined by their patterns* *Warning: may contain traces of Gap Year Vietnam India Malaysia India Australia India India Thailand Vietnam Babs & Revs

Babs in China

So I am presuming that the smarter members of the blog-audience gathered from the title of this post that I am no longer writing from cold-wet Exeter, I am in fact speaking to you from colder-wetter China! I am currently doing a three-week study exchange at Zejiang University, in the city of Hangzhou (a beautiful […]

Filmstrip: Animals

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