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The Pious, the Pig and the Mipsters

As traumatising as it was to commit lexical suicide, I’ve gotten over the horror of the title of this post and its unfulfilled alliteration. And so should you, because it’s Easter! Hurah! Easter is a rather odd celebration. A relic of pious days gone by, there seems to be a divergence over Easter weekend, on whether […]


FORK is a day being organised in Exeter by the dazzlingly gorgeous Charlie Brown, in order to raise awareness and money for Tear Fund [http://www.tearfund.org/]. The idea is you skip a meal and the money you would normally spend will go towards the charity. Neat huh? So everyone in the area get down to the Forum […]


Nowadays everybody seems to be united by an international obsession with documenting our lives, whether that is proudly displaying all those tenuous connections we have on LinkedIn, or tweeting a picture of the shepherds pie that mum just laid on the table for dinner. Why is it that we feel the need to make a […]